USPS Media Mail: Rules and Rates

Media Mail is a discounted shipping option offered by the USPS for mailing educational material, namely, books, DVDs, CDs, Sheet Music, Play Scripts, and Test Material. Its a huge boon for media sellers. Here’s the main reason why…

The Rates

Here is the current USPS Media Mail Price Chart.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 2.17.21 PM

Anyone who has ever brought a heavy or bulky package to the post office knows what an incredible value this is, and it’s exclusive to exactly the sort of items we media sellers intend to ship. How fortunate! What’s more, Media Mail doesn’t factor distance into it’s pricing scheme the way Regional Priority Mail does. Your package costs the same price whether it’s staying on your coast or headed cross country.  Pricing is available for packages weighing up to 70 lbs (Currently $34.55, but comes with a free scowl from your postal carrier). While Media Mail offers rock bottom retail prices for shipping, there are a handful of notable rules to keep in mind when choosing this option. Continue reading USPS Media Mail: Rules and Rates

Where to Hunt for Used Books

Ready to move beyond the books on your shelf? Here’s a primer on where to scout for used books to sell online.

Every thrift store, church sale, and garage sale includes a selection of second hand books, but not all of these buying opportunities are equal. How can you determine if a pile of books is worth your time? Ask yourself, how have these books been processed before being offered for sale.

Continue reading Where to Hunt for Used Books

What is my book worth?

Applied Regression Analysis… a real page-turner!

Many factors go into determining a books resale value.  Using online resources to gauge what people are willing to pay for a particular book is the best way to get a quick estimate.  Here’s a used copy of the textbook, Applied Regression Analysis,  to use as an example.

While titles  are important when looking for something to read, a book’s ISBN number is the best way to determine its value. Continue reading What is my book worth?