How to Sell a Book on Amazon for a Penny


How do Amazon Sellers Make a Profit Selling a Book for a Penny?

How can they possibly sell books so cheap?

Of all the questions that arise from new sellers just getting their start in the Amazon Marketplace, this is the one that comes up the most often: How can sellers afford to sell a book for a penny? Why would they want to acquire, list, and ship a book for a penny?

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Featured Find: The Pop-up Book of Phobias


The Pop-up Book of Phobias is a perfect example of why it pays to glance at the children’s section when used book shopping. Conventional wisdom says children’s books are a non-starter in the used book business, but sometimes off-beat and hard to categorize gems like this get tucked away with the more traditional children’s fair.

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What is an ISBN?


ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number, and is a unique number used to identify commercial books printed after 1967, which is when the system was implemented.

A ten digit ISBN along the bottom, and a thirteen digit ISBN located just below the barcode. Both can be used to identify the book and call up the same information.

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Featured Find: The Cartoon Network 20th Birthday Book

Featured Find-2

At Comic Con, 2012, Cartoon Network celebrated it’s 20th birthday. As part of that celebration, 75 painters, sculptors, and other artists were asked to create a piece in their own style inspired by the networks stable of cartoon characters. The result was a show at the Jett Gallery in San Diego, as well as the Cartoon Network 20th Birthday Book, a handsome hardcover representation of the artist’s work published by Mark Murphy of Murphy Design.  Continue reading Featured Find: The Cartoon Network 20th Birthday Book

My Bookscouter Scanner (and why I chose the Socket Mobile 8CI).

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It’s no secret that I love BookScouter for helping me find valuable books on my shopping trips, but what I didn’t love was the extra time it was taking for me to capture barcode information with my smartphone. My competition, using a scanner and a PDA loaded with the Amazon database, was sweeping entire shelves in the time it was taking me to get results on a single title. While I loved that I was finding dozens of profitable books that the Amazon scanners were overlooking, I wanted desperately to speed up the process. Then I made the single best innovation I’ve made since starting my book business a year ago.

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How to find the most profitable books on any thrift store shelf.


My scanner is going in for repair.  In the meantime, I’ll be using the BookScouter iPhone app to help me identify valuable books. Longer scan times will mean fewer results per hour, which makes this the perfect time to talk about what sort of books are most likely to turn a profit. In this article, I’ll take you through a typical book shelf and share what types of books I look for when on the hunt; but first, here’s three quick tips to get us started: Continue reading How to find the most profitable books on any thrift store shelf.

The Quick Start Guide to Book Scanning for FREE


Sure, we love books, but it’s not the only reason we started a used book business. We love aged gouda too, but we didn’t start The reason we got into the media aftermarket is because there is virtually no bar to entry. Anyone with a smart phone, a few dollars for your first armload of books, and a dash of entrepreneurial spirit, can make money in the used book trade. For those interested in trying it out for themselves, here is the exact method we would use to start our business over from scratch. Continue reading The Quick Start Guide to Book Scanning for FREE

The Plain English of What Book Hunters Do

Photo credit: DogertonSkillhause
Photo credit: DogertonSkillhause

What happens to a book after it’s read? Most find themselves in a secondhand store or garage sale where they are offered, in a jumble, at generic prices. One dollar for paperbacks, two dollars for Hardcovers, for instance.

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USPS Media Mail: Rules and Rates

Media Mail is a discounted shipping option offered by the USPS for mailing educational material, namely, books, DVDs, CDs, Sheet Music, Play Scripts, and Test Material. Its a huge boon for media sellers. Here’s the main reason why…

The Rates

Here is the current USPS Media Mail Price Chart.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 2.17.21 PM

Anyone who has ever brought a heavy or bulky package to the post office knows what an incredible value this is, and it’s exclusive to exactly the sort of items we media sellers intend to ship. How fortunate! What’s more, Media Mail doesn’t factor distance into it’s pricing scheme the way Regional Priority Mail does. Your package costs the same price whether it’s staying on your coast or headed cross country.  Pricing is available for packages weighing up to 70 lbs (Currently $34.55, but comes with a free scowl from your postal carrier). While Media Mail offers rock bottom retail prices for shipping, there are a handful of notable rules to keep in mind when choosing this option. Continue reading USPS Media Mail: Rules and Rates

Where to Hunt for Used Books

Ready to move beyond the books on your shelf? Here’s a primer on where to scout for used books to sell online.

Every thrift store, church sale, and garage sale includes a selection of second hand books, but not all of these buying opportunities are equal. How can you determine if a pile of books is worth your time? Ask yourself, how have these books been processed before being offered for sale.

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